Washington DC: Check Out 5 Local Homes For Sale

WASHINGTON DC, DC — Looking for a new home, and want to get a better understanding of what’s available near you? Need some help in your search? Thanks to our weekly list of new homes in your area, you can be sure you’re not missing anything.

Here are the five most recent homes to hit the market in the Washington DC area — such as one in the Washington area with 1 bed and 1 bath for $379,999, and another in the Washington area with 6 beds and 4 baths for $519,500.

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Price: $399,900
Size: 1,019 sq. ft., 4 beds, and 2 baths

2. 2920 Georgia Ave NW Unit 102, Washington, District of Columbia 20001

Price: $379,999
Size: 566 sq. ft, 1 bed, and 1 bath

Price: $519,500
Size: 2,690 sq. ft., 6 beds, and 4 baths

Price: $389,900
Size: 1,235 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 2 baths

5. 1000 Rittenhouse St NW Unit 25, Washington, District of Columbia 20011

Price: $375,000
Size: 1,205 sq. ft., 2 beds, and 3 baths

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Photos courtesy of Realtor.com

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