Why You Should Visit Washington DC This Year

A great place to visit is Washington DC. People from all of the world travel to this place of power in the United States. There are many monuments that you can see, many of which are some of the most impressive that you will see around the world. You can see the Washington Monument, a towering structure that is over 500 feet tall. It is in commemoration of the first president of the United States. Designed after Egyptian obelisks, it is just one of the many unique structures that you will see, many in reverence of our early leaders. Here is a quick overview of the different places you should visit if you are lucky enough to visit this area of the United States.

The Washington National Cathedral

Located on Wisconsin Avenue, this imposing structure is one of the best cathedrals on the East Coast. Many people actually travel there for church, but it is also a tourist attraction. It is spectacular, and even better when there is a choir singing in the background. It is recommended that you take the tour so that you can learn more about this beautiful structure. Many people recommend going to the seventh floor. After going there, you absolutely must see four of the best structures in Washington DC which are all in line with each other.

Four Must-See Attractions

The first attraction is going to be the Washington Monument which has already been mentioned. This is directly south of the White House. Second, you can head north to the White House, take the tour if you get there in time, and then head back down to the Washington Monument. You can then head to the west and come to the Lincoln Memorial which is a beautiful structure, similar to what you would see in ancient Greece or Rome. It is designed to commemorate the 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln, including a sculpture of Lincoln that is roughly 100 feet tall. Finally, go all the way back passing the Washington Monument and head over to the state capitol complex. This is where the decisions are made in the United States in regard to the laws of the land.

These many different structures are fantastic. They are some of the best in the world. If you have not had a chance to see them, you certainly will want to spend a few hours walking to and examining these places. If you are going to spend a week there, you should also consider some of the smaller monuments that are there. At the very least, take either a land-based or water-based tour that can show you many of these structures that make up the heart of DC.